Technical Course Pack 1 17.5 Training Hours or PDUs

IT Project Management Essentials Series (6 Hours or PDUs)

Students taking this Information Technology (IT) Project Management online PDU course training series gain the fundamental concepts about IT project management, initiating and planning IT projects, executing IT projects, monitoring and controlling IT projects, managing risks in IT projects, testing deliverables and closing IT projects.

Managing Software Project Outsourcing Series (4 Hours or PDUs)

The project management PDU courses included in this online training series are ideal for anyone managing projects in organizations that hire and employ third-party software development companies. Students gain knowledge essential for planning and managing outsourced software development projects, developing and finalizing vendor contracts, working with the external team, and dealing with risks frequently encountered in an outsourced software development situation.

Agile Software Development Training Series (7.5 Hours or PDUs)

This online PDU course series is intended for experienced project managers working on software development projects. Students taking courses in this series gain knowledge on how to apply agile project management principles in software development projects, how to create planning estimates based on user stories, plan releases, plan iterations and use agile modeling, how to manage a project using agile principles, and how to implement agile programming and testing on a software development project.