Team Management Skills 20 Training Hours or PDUs

Essentials of Managing Technical Professionals Series (2 Hours or PDUs)

Transitioning from technical professional to management, and managing technical professionals.

Workforce Generations Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Introduction to cross-generational employees and managing workforce generations, which includes working with a multigenerational team and working with the 21st-century generation mix.

Managing Experts Series (2 Hours or PDUs)

Meeting the needs of your experts and overcoming challenges when managing experts.

Optimizing Your Performance On a Team Series (5 Hours or PDUs)

Being an effective team member, establishing team goals and responsibilities, elements of a cohesive team, effective team communication, and using feedback to improve team performance.

Leading Teams Series (8 Hours or PDUs)

Launch a successful team. Establish goals, roles, and guidelines. Develop the team and its culture. Build trust and commitment. Foster effective communication and collaboration. Motivate and optimize performance. Deal with conflict. Manage virtual teams.