Strategic Course Pack 1 9.5 Training Hours or PDUs

Preparing a Business Case (2.50 Hours or PDUs)

Most organizations have budgets that drive the need to rank and prioritize project ideas and initiatives. In these situations, a business case is often required to justify the need to select a project to initiate. Take this course to learn how to structure and prepare a business case, determine the scope of the business case, identify methods for convincing key decision makers and manage stakeholders effectively.

Writing a Business Case (2.50 Hours or PDUs)

To get your project selected and secure funding for your project, a well written business case is essential. Key decision makers need to understand why your project should be done and the business case should help them arrive at this decision. Learning objectives in this course include identifying the key elements of a business case, recognizing the importance of selling points for your project and designing your business case document for maximum effect.

Presenting Your Case (2.50 Hours or PDUs)

When you have prepared and written the business case, now it is time to prepare yourself to present the business case. Take this course to learn how to prepare for your audience and the questions they may have, select the appropriate presentation aids, identify methods for building rapport and generating ideas with the audience and determine the key elements in making your presentation highly effective.

Public Speaking Strategies: Preparing Effective Speeches (1.00 Hours or PDUs)

Effective public speaking starts with good planning and preparation. Gain insights into developing and improving your public speaking skills in this course by selecting your topic, researching your topic, preparing to make your speech, sequencing your topic logically and practicing your speech topic.

Public Speaking Strategies: Confident Public Speaking (1.00 Hours or PDUs)

Once you have prepared and practiced your speech, now it is time to deliver your speech effectively and with confidence. This course explores various methods for delivering a good speech, handling audience interactions, overcoming anxiety and delivering your speech with confidence.

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