Project Management 52.5 Training Hours or PDUs

Project Management Foundation Series (5.5 Hours or PDUs)

Build a foundation in the PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition. Learning goals: Gain portfolio management, program management, project management, stakeholder and project lifecycle concepts; Identify the purpose of each process, and; Identify the relationships of each process to a process group and knowledge area.

Project Integration Management Series (4.5 Hours or PDUs)

Integrating all processes is a major effort and focus of the project manager. This course enables a student to understand the major activities of each process group and the integration processes supporting each process group. Learning goals: Master integration concepts and the interactions with all other processes; Recognize how planning can impact project success, and; Identify the configuration, change management plans and controls to establish early in a project.

Project Scope Management Series (5 Hours or PDUs)

What are the requirements and the deliverables? How do we organize the project work? How do we know that the requirements are met? How do we measure scope performance and control changes to scope? Get answers to all of these questions when taking this course. Learning goals: Master scope concepts and the sequence of planning processes; Identify ways to collect requirements, define deliverables, and organize the project work, and; Understand the concept of progressive elaboration.

Project Time Management Series (6 Hours or PDUs)

Scope processes define what needs to be accomplished. Time processes define how to do the work. Defining steps, identifying dependencies, finding resources, estimating time and putting together a schedule all define how to do the work of the project. Learning goals: Master the steps and concepts for putting together a project schedule; Recognize that schedule development efforts often get repeated multiple times in planning, and; Master the concepts for all tools and techniques used in Project Time Management processes.

Project Cost Management Series (3.5 Hours or PDUs)

This course is packed with terms, concepts, formulas and examples that will help you better understand what the performance numbers about your project indicate, and how to communicate what the performance numbers indicate to your stakeholders. Learning goals: Master key terms, formulas, and Earned Value concepts for projects; Gain abilities to setup, measure, and report performance measurements for any project, and; Identify when the performance numbers indicate a need to take action!

Project Quality Management Series (4 Hours or PDUs)

Quality processes and practices influence all other project management processes. This course covers a wide range of quality concepts that can be applied to any project. Learning goals: Master quality concepts and processes; Identify and understand every type of tool or technique used to perform quality processes on a project, and; Gain examples for applying each of the 7 basic tools of quality on a project.

Project Human Resource Management Series (4 Hours or PDUs)

Getting the best people, improving communications, and reducing conflict throughout the project starts in planning. Take this course to learn the essential planning considerations for acquiring, developing and managing your project team. Learning goals: Master the planning outputs that enhance acquiring, developing and managing the project team, and; Gain key concepts for conflict management and team development stages.

Project Communications Management Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Take this course to gain ideas on how to plan communications for any project. Identify key information that should be communicated, and expectations that need to be set and managed. Learning goals: Identify how to protect the project by identifying stakeholders and developing a comprehensive communications plan; Gain ideas on how to control communications, and; Recognize the importance of setting and managing stakeholder expectations.

Project Risk Management Series (7 Hours or PDUs)

Gain the essential risk management concepts and strategies for any type of project. Go into your next project with examples on how to respond to risks the project may encounter! Learning goals: Master risk management concepts that can be applied to any type of project; Gain an understanding of the risk process sequence and ways this sequence can be customized, and; Master the strategies for responding to all types of risks that can be encountered on a project.

Project Procurement Management Series (3.5 Hours or PDUs)

Gain the essential knowledge for planning, conducting, administering and closing procurements. Students gain the knowledge about activities performed and situations encountered during each step of a procurement lifecycle. Learning goals: Master procurement activities, steps, contract types, and documents used for any project procurement item; Understand the process for selecting vendors and entering into a contract, and; Identify administrative and closing activities for each procurement item.

Project Stakeholder Management Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Managing stakeholder expectations on a project starts with good planning. Understand how early planning contributes to managing stakeholder involvement and expectations throughout the project. Learning goals: Develop plans based on stakeholder power and influence, and implement processes to manage stakeholder involvement and expectations through the entire project life cycle.

Ethics and Professional Responsibilities (3.5 Hours or PDUs)

Identify standards of ethical conduct, either mandatory or aspirational, contained in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.