Professional Skills 20 Training Hours or PDUs

Negotiation Essentials Series (5 Hours or PDUs)

Define the term negotiation, plan for negotiation, communicate in a negotiation, persuade in a negotiation, and avoid common pitfalls encountered in a negotiation.

Problem Solving and Decision-Making Strategies Series (6 Hours or PDUs)

Explore the fundamentals of problem solving, determine and build your strengths, and dig deeper into the problem. Explore the fundamentals of decision making, identify tools and techniques used for making decisions, and evaluate factors that lead to making a tough decision.

Building and Maintaining Trust Series (2 Hours or PDUs)

Increase awareness and identify various ways to build trust with your project stakeholders, and rebuild trust when the situation arises to do so.

Critical Thinking Essentials Series (2 Hours or PDUs)

Explore the essentials of critical thinking and apply critical thinking to your everyday activities as a project or program manager.

Generating Creative & Innovative Ideas Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Identify ways to enhance your creativity, maximize team creativity, and verify and build ideas from your project team and project stakeholders.

Decisiveness Series (2 Hours or PDUs)

Develop character for decisiveness and overcome the barriers to decisiveness.