Leadership Skills 20 Training Hours or PDUs

Leadership Essentials Series (8 Hours or PDUs)

Explore the essentials of leadership: Motivating employees, communicating vision, building your influence as a leader, leading with emotional intelligence, leading with business execution, leading innovation, leading change, and creating your own leadership development plan.

Creating a Positive Work Environment (1 Hours or PDUs)

Identify ways for creating and maintaining a positive work environment.

Making Cross-Functional Teams Work Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Explore cross-functional team fundamentals, identify key strategies for managing cross-functional teams, and gain techniques for managing internal dynamics in a cross-functional team.

Setting and Managing Organizational Priorities Series (4 Hours or PDUs)

Identify how to set the mission and goals of the organization and manage priorities in relation to the mission and goals. Determine and develop appropriate ways to motivate and communicate that align to the mission and goals of the organization.

The Voice of Leadership Series (4 Hours or PDUs)

Explore concepts relating to the Voice of Leadership, including inspirational leadership, self-assessment and motivation, effective leadership communication strategies, and the power of leadership messaging.