Communication Skills 20 Training Hours or PDUs

Interpersonal Communication Series (5 Hours or PDUs)

Communicate with confidence, target your message, listen, communicate assertively, and be approachable.

Fundamentals of Working with Difficult People Series (5 Hours or PDUs)

Course topics include identifying difficult people, working with aggressive people, negative people, and self-serving people, and dealing with micro-managers.

Listening Essentials Series (2 Hours or PDUs)

Gain concepts for the basics of listening and ways to improve your listening skills.

Constructive Feedback and Criticism Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Identify steps and methods when giving feedback and giving constructive criticism. Gain techniques for receiving feedback and criticism.

Fundamentals of Cross Cultural Communication Series (3 Hours or PDUs)

Gain an appreciation for culture and its effect on communication, considerations when communicating across cultures, and ways to improve communication in cross-cultural relationships.

Workplace Conflict (2 Hours or PDUs)

Students taking these courses explore the types of conflicts that are likely to occur in a work setting and gain techniques for effectively handling and responding to conflicts that do occur.