Business Analysis + Requirements 21 Training Hours or PDUs

Introduction to Business Analysis and Essential Competencies (2 Hours or PDUs)

Define business analysis, identify the essential competencies required for effective business analysis, and provide a foundation for applying business analysis principles on any project.

Introduction to Business Analysis Planning (2.5 Hours or PDUs)

Identify and select the best business analysis approaches, explore techniques for defining a business analysis approach, process modeling and structured walkthroughs, identify how to perform stakeholder analysis, and estimate effort for business analysis work on a project.

Planning Business Analysis Communication and Monitoring (2.5 Hours or PDUs)

Planning for business analysis communications, planning for requirements management, planning on how to measure business analysis performance, and effectively performing lessons learned on a project.

Business Analysis Requirements Elicitation (2 Hours or PDUs)

Define the purpose of requirements elicitation. Explore how to use brainstorming, document analysis, interface analysis, and prototyping techniques to elicit requirements. Document and confirm requirements.

Business Analysis Requirements Management and Communication (2 Hours or PDUs)

Manage solution scope and requirements using baselining and problem tracking techniques. Maintain and prepare requirements with a requirements package. Communicate requirements through requirements workshops and structured walkthroughs.

Business Analysis: Enterprise Analysis (2.5 Hours or PDUs)

Define business needs and gaps. Assess capability gaps. Determine a solution approach. Define solution scope. Define a business case for gathering data and being persuasive to justify a proposed solution.

Business Analysis: Introduction to Requirements Analysis (2.5 Hours or PDUs)

Explore methods for prioritizing and organizing requirements. Identify how to specify and model requirements. Explain the basics of business analysis.

Business Analysis: Verify and Validate Requirements (2 Hours or PDUs)

Identify techniques for defining project assumptions and constraints. Identify techniques that can be used to verify and validate and select the best technique to use in a given scenario.

Business Analysis: Solution Assessment and Validation (3 Hours or PDUs)

Identify the elements and techniques for assessing a proposed solution, allocating requirements, and assessing organizational readiness. Explore ways to define transition requirements, and examine the techniques for validating and evaluating solutions and their performance.