Ordering Help


One or more subscription plan can be ordered online for a single student at our site, and can be paid for by the student or someone other than the student. Payment in full with an acceptable credit card is required at the time of purchase. If your organization is based in the USA and wants to pay via check (quote + invoice), Contact Us to initiate the ordering and payment process.

Your customer account login credentials are established during the online ordering process. Once you add the training subscription plan you want to your cart, you will then complete the checkout process and enter credit card payment information. Upon placing a successful order, you go to My Dashboard > My Training Center Access and click the login link to enter the online training center and start taking courses online immediately.


If someone other than the STUDENT will be paying for one or more subscription plan, add all training subscription plans desired to the cart and then enter the billing information separately in the Who is Paying section located on the Checkout page. Upon successful completion of the order, login credentials to pointadvantage.com (customer account) will be sent via email to the STUDENT followed by a separate email with login credentials to the online training center. The person paying will be sent payment receipt and customer account information via email.


Returning students are prompted to login with a valid email ID and password (use password recovery feature as needed) when ordering and are required to login in order to receive returning student discounts. Discounts are automatically applied to all subscription plans once logged into pointadvantage.com. Based on our enhanced online ordering process, you can now pay with your own credit card or have someone else pay on your behalf with a credit card on the Checkout page.

To ensure all course completion history tracks with a single student profile in our system and that you get your returning student discounts when ordering, please Contact Us to update your login credentials to our site.


Orders can be placed at our site using mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets, that have more recent versions of operating systems required to make secure online purchases using the device. In some cases, customers may need to upgrade to a more recent device and/or operating system in order to make online purchases at any site visited online.


We have seen an increased number of financial institutions or credit card issuers in countries outside the USA and Canada that are implementing Address Verification Services (AVS) that match your billing information to what you enter. If you receive an AVS mismatch error, please check with the card issuer for the exact billing address and zip code (postal, CEP, or similar) information before re-attempting.

For example, some addresses may require commas to be entered between address parts. Plus, the zip/postal codes may have specific formats requiring spaces or hyphens to be entered.


If you are looking to purchase multiple online training subscription plans for multiple employees in your organization, ask about the group pricing discounts available at Point Advantage. Contact Us to learn more.


If you need additional assistance or have any questions about placing your order at Point Advantage, don’t hesitate to Contact Us via phone or email.